In Between

by Big Eater

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released October 30, 2015


Players: Matt Bachmann, James Krivchenia, Derek Baron, Erin Birgy and Lucas Ellman

Written and Recorded by Matt
Recorded in the pfizer practice space, James' room, The Future and Magic Lanes
Drums and Vocals recorded by James at the Black Lodge
Mastered by James

Cover Photo taken by Matt and Pete Walters
Art Layout by Matt

Special Thanks to James, Kyle Boston, Dylan Vukelich, Pete, Help Yourself Records, and my Mom



all rights reserved


Big Eater New York

i love basketball and dogs

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Track Name: Lazy Days
lazy days are catching up
toss and turn at night
enough's enough
afraid to stay, afraid to leave

the different ways my life could be
are pulling ever side of me
oh no
was i right, or was i wrong

i was always dreaming
i can't sleep
thinking of the things that i could be

feeling first and thinking late
leaving future up to fate
let go
are we better off just black or white
or in between

broad ideas to fit the room
or the closeness between me and you
which one
i was right, and i was wrong

dream and dream and i can't sleep
she takes me far and in between
Track Name: Growing Up
driving across montana
arthur's cello squeaks
i slow the car to thirty
my memories pass me

would you make me happy
could you keep me safe
from all these thoughts i'm having
that are keeping me awake

i suppose i was only growing up
i now know there are things in life i can't control
i suppose i was only growing up
i don't know

a new room filled with old things
portraits of the west
but all these pictures of you
don't seem real enough

you could make me happy
but you can't keep me safe
and all these thoughts i'm having
make it so i can't sleep
Track Name: She Belongs to No One
call and tell me that you love me
that everything's okay
it's hard to trust in myself when i don't
hear from you for days
and things ain't the same but
can we get to places where we don't have to change
i can't move on if i don't want to move on
if i still feel this way

but she says she belongs to no one
not to no one
and i believe her
i'm so low

out on my bike i feel like
i can out run jealousy
but no matter how hard i try
it always catches up with me
what am i doing, how long can i live
in a state of in between
and expect nothing from you but still
give you all of me

i kept taking all that you said
and creating stories in my head
you had moved past what you can not see
not trusting you still loved me

can we make it
Track Name: Parked the Car on Union
parked the car on union i was driving too fast
my eyes foggy mirrors
living in the past
the smell of your lotion and a single crooked tooth
when life got too hard
i could fall back into you
i wish i could lean on you now
i wish there was some way some how that i
could go back
falling into your's and the couches open arms
smiles soaked in gin
hopelessly in love
but i (can't)

woke up this morning with my arms around a dream
it was bright white and perfect
a bed of you and me
the day smudged and grey'd me i'm a dog without a leash
me and you now two
it's hard to be free
optimism's running dry
how long can i keep living lies that you'll
be mine
parked the car on union i was driving too fast
nothing ever lasts
nothing ever lasts

felt broken
this country split me
in search of honesty
but when i'm naked
i still glow cause
i am young
more me
Track Name: Milky Sky
we listen to the night
phones silently breathing

and i gave into milky skies
let grey rule my mind
forget that everything is fine
if i just live in time
and let go

we toss and turn by night
three thousand miles separate
Track Name: Wrong about Everything
kissing those girls cheeks
will make me feel so empty
i listen to her breath
over the phone

don't make me i don't want it
am i wrong about everything
i can't not think about it
i feel wrong about everything

every friday night
put on my best briefs
tuck my shirt in nice
lies that i am happy to be free
Track Name: Midwestern Dreams
i'm out here in the street
i'm screaming
about everything that went wrong
in the last year or three
close my eyes, to the midwest
i start dreaming
that i'm running through corn fields
with cows surrounding me

all the things we built
when i moved for you
all fell apart when i did
what i wanted to
i get so black and blue
with these thoughts
but i can't help but feel
that they're true
Track Name: Insideout
soft words meet a silent tongue
my voice sinks into my chest
what's there to say when it doesn't turn out
how you expect

wishful thoughts, what could love be
if it can't cover distance
but i feel so far from that part of me that
i'm missing

it takes so long
to move on

everything turned inside out
when you told me the truth
that you had found the touch of another
to comfort you

walked home from thirty fourth and third
across the brooklyn bridge
threw my phone into the river
lost again
Track Name: Long Summer Nights
these long summer nights
i'm hoping that i find
something that could take my pain away

as drink subsides
a worn down high
has my mind crawling back into your arms

but the city's sounds
brings me back to swollen ground
tied to a dream, here alone

these long summer nights
my eyes trace the sky
and the tallest buildings rest over my mind

on my dad's old bike
running red lights
heart racing through the night

street lights pass
reflect in broken glass
scattered across the streets that i chase home

i close my eyes
you won't leave my mind
even though i left you behind

these long summer nights
my heart opens wide
and accepts an in between you and i